Regions of origin

The cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits is done on fair terms and helps to develop regions and to protect the producers in the international competition from being crowded out by conventionally produced cheap products.


From Africa we mainly deliver avocados and mangos.

The green superfruit has a positive effect on health, as it is full of valuable nutrients.


From France we mainly source various types of salad, such as Iceberg lettuce or Batavia lettuce. In addition to our assortment we have various types of fruits, such as strawberries or watermelons.


Various tomato varieties, e.g. (shrub) cocktail, ox or apple tomatoes, numerous types of vegetables such as zucchini, fennel, potatoes and various salad varieties from Italy. As well as citrus fruits e.g. lemons, oranges and clementines.

The certification body of our Italian suppliers is ICEA (Instituto per la certificazione etica e ambientale):


In southern Spain mainly various citrus fruits, such as oranges, clementines, lemons and grapefruits are cultivated in extensive planatations. Furthermore, we deliver watermelons from Andalusia in the respective season.

The certification body of our Spanish suppliers is CAAE (Asociacíon Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica). Further information is availabe at:

South America

Apples, garlic or even mangoes are amoung the products that for example are grown in Argentina and offered to our customers.

Our seasonal calendar

In our seasonal calendar, the various cultivation periods and our most important organic fruits and vegetables are clearly listed.